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I'm really good at ideas.

They come to me frequently.

Many times, I start working on them right away.

Then when I'm about 75-80% done, the fear creeps in...

Two years ago, the idea for this community came to me while I was cooking dinner, pasta to be exact. I'm not sure how the boiling water and cool darkness outside combined to create this magic, but it did. This idea, " The Tween Years," came so big and so fast, I had a hard time getting all the information down onto paper.

However, this same historical pattern of idea turned into creation, the stunted by fear, happened again. (Along with a lot of life changes getting in the way)

"The Tween Years" got pushed to the back burner.

Then a few months ago, the idea started warming up again. I was (and still am) full of fear (and let's be honest, excuses). However, a few close friends pushed back on those fears and excuses. They helped re-frame my thinking. Instead of focusing on my possible failure, they focused on the possible.

So without further adieu, here it is...

The Tween Years

This blog is a place to talk about fluff, the tough stuff and everything in between. You will see posts on teaching your tween life skills, connecting with your tween, shopping for (and with) your tween, talking about mental health with your tween, talking about puberty with your tween and so much more!

I am a mom who thinks that the years between 8-13 are some of the best and the hardest for our kids. They are bridging a huge gap physically, emotionally and socially during these ages. I want this place to be a resource and community where we can share our experiences.

Please feel free to drop us a line and let me know what brought you here, what you'd like to see, etc.


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